What is the Cervix ! All you have to know

What is actually the cervix? It’s a part of the womb called “the neck” and it’s positioned between the bottom of the uterus and the vulva.

It has a canal that allows blood and other fluids from the body to circulate out, also, allows sperm to flow inside during intercourse.  When the time comes, it is the “gate to the world” for the newborns!

It is a flexible muscle that is usually tight, but becomes widely open when the woman is in labor.

But did you know that the cervix is also a gland? Yes! It produces the “intimate soap” called mucus, which is very important and preserves the woman’s body from bacteria and other infectious diseases.

It’s a common and widely known  fact that preservatives should be used during intercourse, especially before getting to know your partner better, but there’s no harm in mentioning  it once more.  Otherwise, you could get one of the well – known cervix bacteria, such as:

  • STD (se***lly transmitted disease) which could result with gonorrhea. The scary thing is that you could have it, and have no idea, because in some cases, there are no symptoms and the bacteria is “working in silence”.
  • Trichomonas – a sexually transmitted parasite, that “lives” in the pubic hair, and could invade the cervix as well.
  • HPV – the Human Papilloma Virus. Among the population, it’s known as an early, non-directly threatening stage of cancer. Why is that? Because if you don’t discover it right on time, it most definitely could lead to cervical cancer.

DEVASTATING FACT: about 80% of the world women’s population is affected by the HPV before their 50’s!

  • growth of cancerogenic cells inside the cervix, which could spread even widely, because they reproduce faster than the normal cells

One of the main roles of the cervix in the organism are:

  • defensive mechanism against sexually transmitted diseases
  • protects the uterus, because it’s most directly connected with it through the canal
  • allows blood to circulate during menstrual period
  • signalizes labor during pregnancy – it get’s wider and opens up
  • “gateway to the world” for your precious baby

Now that you’ve seen the HUGE role the cervix plays in your body, let’s see how you can prevent the infections and bacteria that could harm your heath and fertility.

  • HPV vaccine – one of the most commonly spread ways to fight STD is probably this vaccine, which in most countries is obligatory nowadays.
  • Testing for cervical cancer – during your regular gynecologist’s  check-up, once a year you should get tested for cervical cancer. It’s nothing scary! It’s just an “earpick” that touches the cervix, collecting samples for further examination. However, if you get some of the following symptoms, maybe you should get tested even if you’ve already done it this year:
  • Bleeding between periods
  • Lower abdominal pain
  • Increased vaginal discharges
  • Pain while pissing

What if you get a positive test for cervical cancer???

Don’t worry, it’s treatable, based on the stage of growth of cancerogenic cells inside the cervix.  Probably, at first, you should try with a SURGERY – the doctors will cut open and see the harm that is done, operating and possibly getting out the whole tumor.

Also you could try RADIATION THERAPY, which consists in getting x and y waves, attacking the unwanted cancerogenic cells in your body.

Mostly patients with recurrence of cancer are recommended for this type of treatment. At last, but not least, there is chemotherapy – a drug using treatment, made to inhibit the fast multiplication of the cancerogenic cells.

The patients take the drug intravenous, or, they could also have the option to drink a pill.

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