Never Ignore These Period Symptoms!

Each body is a world of their own. Each period, it’s durability, it’s flow quantity and pain differ from period to period and from one woman to another.

However, we are all human beings and there are some symptoms medicine says you just shouldn’t ignore.

Skipping a period

ok, it might be a blessing you didn’t get your period this month because you’re pregnant. However, there are other causes of not getting your period, such as

  • Significant weight loss – the body needs fat to manufacture hormones
  • Over exercising
  • Continuous use of birth control pills
  • Extreme stress
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome
  • Perimenopause – this could occur if you’re over your 40s and the menopause period is right around the corner
    Abnormally short or long periods

A normal period is between 2-7 days. Anything below or above that limit is definitely something you should check up with your doctor.

Heavy bleeding

As we mentioned, the menstrual flow varies in each menstruation. But, there’s a medical name for an overflowed period – menorrhagia. You have this if you’re soaking through one pad or more in just an hour. Along with the overflow, symptoms are shortness of breath, fatigue or anemia.

If you have olycystic ovaries, polyps or fibroids, bleeding disorders, cancer or endomertriosis, this could be the cause. These are all conditions that have to be diagnosed with a help from your doctor. And if you’re pregnant, go see your doctor ASAP, because heavy complications might follow.

Pain in your breasts

During period or even before the period starts, breast pain could endure. Again, the hormones are to blame for this. But however, if the pain doesn’t always coincide with your menstrual cycle, you should schedule an appointment with your doctor.

Vomiting or diarrhea

If you’re among the women who has never experienced this, you’re so lucky. The majority of the women experience these symptoms as well. 65% ow all women, to be more precise. However, if this is not normal for you, and you just started experiencing it with your menstrual cycle, you should see your doctor because this might also be indication of PID or similar medical condition.

Bleeding between period

Is something you should most definitely never overlook! Here are some things that might cause your body to bleed even if your menstrual cycle hasn’t started yert:

  • Chlamydia, gonorrhea and similar STDs
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome
  • An injury of the v*gina
  • Cervical, ovarian or uterine cancer
  • Uterine polyps or fibroids
  • Miscarriage

If your body just doesn’t feel right, see a doctor, because the health of the reproductive system is one of the most important things a woman should take care about, even if you’re not planning to give birth anymore.

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