A Sign Your Face Sends When You’re Not Healthy !

Our organism is a complete unity. That means that when something is not functioning right, a manifestation of that can be something else completely!

Do you know which is the biggest organ in our body?

The SKIN! Thus, anything that is going on with our skin, such as difference in color and pigmentation, pimples, dark circles etc., is definitely a sign that tells something about the health stage of your body, thus, you need to always pay attention to the signs your skin is sending to you.

A study tells that “Much like foot reflexology, different areas of the face are connected to the major internal organs”.

Here is what your facial skin changes  mean actually.

1. Changes on the temples

If your temples seem swollen, that may be a sign of kidney disfunction, because toxins are left in the body without the kidneys functioning properly, the intoxicated water may be shat looks swollen! Unhealthy foods and long prolongations of the first step towards your healthy life, which is healthy food and exercise may be causing this.

2. Changes on the forehead area

If the skin on your forehead seems red, more tense, or even more pale, it is a sign that your metabolism is dysfunctional.  An inflamed gallbladder or again, kidney dysfunction can be the root of this problem.

3. Changes on the area under your eyes

Dark circles and bags under your eyes are an often sign of stress and sleep deprivation. However, if this skin changes under your eyes are not going away even after a good-night sleep, you might be under a bigger psychological stress than you can imagine. Also, this could be a sign of eating too much, or too little, so your metabolism is dysfunctional. Be sure to get your liver checked immediately!

4. Changes on the upper eyelids area

This area is a mirror to the energy state your body and mind is at. Thus, is directly connected to the internal organ called the spleen, which is responsible for a strong immune system and the storage of white blood cells – leukocytes. Redness or swollen upper eyelids may be a result of a problem with your spleen.

5. Changes on the lower cheeks area

Discoloration on this skin area can mean that you eat too much, or you overburden your stomach in a single meal.

Loose skin can mean you have a metabolic disorder.

Swellings and blemishes on the lower cheek area can be a sign that your allergic on some food.

6. Changes on the upper cheeks area

“Sagging skin, enlarged pores, or a grayish discoloration of the upper cheeks indicate over-stressed lungs”. These symptoms are most likely to happen to heavy smokers and smokers over 40 years of age.

7. Changes on the tip of the nose

It is highly likely your nose becomes reddish when you’re ill and have a running nose, however, having a red tip of the nose for a longer period might mean that you have heart issues and check it with a doctor as soon as possible.

8. Changes on the skin between your nose and your mouth

This area has a name and it is philtrum. If you notice blemishes and wrinkles on this area it might be a sign that you’re under a lot of psychological stress lately. “Altered estrogen levels effect the function of the genital organs, which is reflected mostly in the area under the nose”.

9. Changes on the skin on the chin area

Blemishes, wrinkles and acne on the chin might be a sign of organ dysfunction in the lower abdomen. Also, “a protruding chin” may mean enlarged prostate – for men. For women, it is a sign that the woman is having a menstrual cycle and this is all due to altered hormonal levels.

Isn’t all this a sign that sometimes, you have to look from the outside to find what’s wrong with the inside. Right?
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